100 Challenges for 2012

I am inspired to do this after seeing it on a friend’s blog. I have changed some to suit me however I need seven more wee challenges to add…can you help me?? Leave a comment and give me some more ideas! 



100 Challenges for 2012

1. Do this challenge first – buy yourself a notebook. Use this as your journal to document your challemges. Take pictures of completed  challenges where possible and add them to it. Use this notebook to collect all the things you need to write down. Use the notebook for all the lists you have to create during the challenges.
2. Cook in a vintage apron.
3. Buy some dishcloth cotton and crochet a friend a dishcloth.
4. Listen to classical music while doing the housework.
5. Using a piece of handiwork from an opshop, remodel it.
6. Ask a friend if you can baby-sit for them for no reason at all.
7. Go out of your way to do something kind for a stranger
8. Buy a blank canvas. Get 3 favourite colours and with a young child create a master piece together.
9. Create some bubble mixture and give it away as a gift to a child.
10. Buy an utterly frivolous piece of lingerie 😆
11. Run a bath, turn off all the lights and light one candle. Add bubble bath or oil to the bath. Hop in and close your eyes and enjoy the silence. What do you hear and see?
12. Go to the home of a friend who has just recently been sick, take a homemade casserole or soup and help out in any way needed during this time.
13 Cut flowers, weeds, tree branches whatever there is and arrange them in a create way.
14. Help a charity.
15. Have a picnic.
16. Make homemade jam or relish or preserve and give the first one away.
17. Think about a complimentary thing for your waiter/waitress ~ write a little note on the serviette and leave it on your table.
18. Get the children up early one morning and watch the sunrise.
19. Go to a market/fair and look at all the colours, people, stalls etc. Look, listen & smell.
20. Learn to make polymer buttons.
21. Do something to help others in the community.
22. Teach someone a new craft – help them on their first ‘project’.
23. Book a great restaurant and take yourself and a friend out for a dessert-only dinner. You must only eat from the dessert menu.
24. Clean out your closet and donate everything to your local charity shop rather than sell on Trade Me.
25. Buy someone a bottle of bubble bath and a rubber ducky – this has got to be given to an adult!
26. Build a flower garden at the back of the house and plant beautiful flowers with the girls.
27. Ring a friend you haven’t seen for a while and take them out to a movie.
28. Find out what a friend’s favourite cake is and make it especially for them for no particular reason at all.
29. Create an occasion to wear your most impractical pair of shoes.
30 Go fot a walk in your neigbourhood and take your camera. Take a photo of anything you find with a particular thing on it eg shape, number, colour, shape etc. See how many weird shots you can get.
31. Go for a walk along the beach at night – almost dark. Take your shoes off and walk in the water.
32. Arrange a soup swap with friends/neighbours.
33. Send a friend a funny and encouragement packed message via snail mail.
34. Spend one day taking pictures of everything you find beautiful.
35. Host a fancy dress party.
36. Wriet a letter to yourself at seventy from yourself right now. What do you need to tell yourself?
37. Pick a bunch of  flowers and put it in your bathroom.
38. Organise a dessert evening at your home with some of your closet friends.
39. Lay on a blanket with your kids and watch the clouds. 🙂
40. Decrease my wool stash – by at least half. 😆
41. Take your camera with you you on the way to school.
42. Take a batch of unusual but yummy homemade muffins to a meeting.
43. Have a veggie garden and give  something away from it.
44. TBA

45. Start to collect something that I like.
46. Buy a creative book for someone in my world.
47. Be a good neighbour/friend and take over a batch of home-made cookies or cake.
48. Buy a hard working friend a take away coffee and drop it off to them.
49. Spend an hour in silence.
50. Put a love note on Dean’s pillow/in his book….
51. TBA
52. Buy a movie ticket for a friend and post it to them, with a note saying where to meet you.
53. Look for a funny childhood picture of a friend or family member. Frame it and give it to them for no reason other than to celebrate family.
54.  Go on an op-shopping adventure with a friend
55. Make all our presents this year.
56. Light a candle and put on great music
57. Find a project/recipe/idea on line and do one of your own.
58. Look for some inspiring cards and frame them.
59. Read a magazine that you would not normally read
60. Do Christmas cards by the 10th of December 2012
61. Knit a shawl and give it as a gift
 62. Write a list of things you would like to do or achieve before you die – ‘Bucket List’.
63. Look through your old recipe books, choose one book and try cooking every recipe in it!
64. Send a hand written note/letter to three friends letting them know how much their friendship means to you, include a gift. For no reason other than friendship.

65. Get some old magazines and look through them and pull out anything that is attractive to you. Paste them in the book and write down why you like it.
66. Give someone a hug, let them let go first.
67. Find a favourite piece of poetry – frame it
68. Plant spring bulbs.
69. Sew something you have never made before and give it away.
70. Create a piece of wall art.
71. Create an eco-friendly home by making all cleaners.
72. Make something for your children. Wrap it up and put it where they sit at breakfast time.
73. Write down 7 separate places in your life that you hope to take your children to see.
74. Read a biography.
75. Write a poem
76. Write something inspirational or copy something inspirational on lovely paper. Put it in an envelope and put it under someone’s wiper in a car park.
77. Send a surprise I-think-you’re-fabulous handwritten note to someone
78. Choose a photo of you and a friend. Write something on the back and send it to them telling them why you like the picture
79. List every colour you can think of.
80. Write down 100 things you are grateful for in your life.
81. Who is Kate? If someone could describe you, what would they say? Write them down and read them everyday for a week.
82. Donate to a charity in memory of someone.
83. Go outside in the rain and get really wet!
84. Make 20 Christmas cards in October. Separate them into 4 bundles of 5. Give away three bundles.
85. Fly a kite with the kids.
86. Find a favourite poem or verse and memorize it.
87. Read a book you have always said you would read.
88. Have a family meal by candlelight.
89. TBA
90. Get dressed and take yourself out on a date . Invest in yourself.
91. Surprise your children. Keep each of them (one at a time) off school/kindy one day and have a fun day with them.
92. Organise a night away with your husband for no other reason than because you can.
93. Bake a cake for someone and go overboard decorating it.
Do this once a month.
94. Learn a fancy way to fold serviettes and do it randomly for dinner one night.
95. Let the kids decide the dinner menu one night, help them to make it, set the table and decorate it with whatever they want.
96. Have a disco with the kids!!!
97. Grow something from seed and give it away.
98. Don’t use the computer for a day! Eeekk!
99. Make a scarecrow with the kids for the garden
100. Do this challenge last – go somewhere for a night! Take your journal of the challenges with you and look back through it.


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6 responses to “100 Challenges for 2012

  1. this is great, you have inspired me to do the same if that is alright. I might also adapt some to suit me/my family 🙂

    • That is fine!! I got the idea from someone else so it is cool to see the concept keep going. Nothing like doing something for ourselves with our family. ♥ Thanks for reading.

  2. Cat

    Beautiful my dear friend absolutely beautiful xxx
    AND to let you know on the 2nd Friday of each month we have a ‘wee craftie evening’ at mine – email me if your keen – next one Feb 10th

    • Thanks Cat! It felt so good putting it together last night and I have these ideas running around in my mind. Thanks also for the invite – that would be cool to join you :-). I can’t come on the 10th as M&D are up from the Sth Island but maybe the next month!

  3. You’ve inspired me to do my own list Kate!

    Ok, have thought of a couple for you, gorgeous Kate! Take a compliment graciously, and don’t brush it off, Eat a “strange” food you might not normally try, Cook something you’ve grown?

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