Summer knitting inspired by Knit So Quaint!

I find myself in a marathon of sorts as I am onto my 6th project by the same designer all in a row! I didn’t plan it this way it just happened :lol

Kelly Brooker from Knit so quaint has been designing some awesome patterns of late and has also been hosting a summer pattern club which has been mega fun.

The blue shrug and two hats have been from the Southern Summer Pattern Club and with one more being released in February.  The Shrug is called Cornwall Park Shrug and is a beautiful item for a wee girl that’s for sure. I knitted this item in some lying in stash cream wool and then when I had finished knitting I asked Miss 3 what colour shall I make it and she decided on blue. So blue it became 🙂 Looks fab doesn’t it?!  🙂

The hats are awesome with the beanie being knit in many sizes and yarn weights plus two different lace patterns so can match other patterns from Kelly. Clever huh? The sunhat knitted in cotton is called Half Moon Bay Sunhat and the beanie is called Mangere Bridge Beanie

The purple cardigan (Vertebrae Cardigan) at the top left I have already linked about however the small top at the bottom on Holly is called Hine. This has the same pattern as the two hats here as well. The very pink vibrant photo is of a work in progress for DD2 in a size 4. It is the Tama pattern so like the one on Holly but minus the lace pattern on the sleeves.



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