Upcycle Swap

I was part of an Up-cycle  Swap amongst a group of like minded friends. It was a bit of fun thinking of things to do and what to use. I did a few visits to second hand shops to find things or get inspiration.

I had three swaps to do. One for a Mum and two for children.

The Mum swap:

Do It All bag

This bucket style “bag” was made from a very tired pair of maternity jeans to make the largest bin bag using this tutorial. The stripe material was a duvet cover and an inside layer was an old sheet 🙂  For this photo I had three knitting projects in it and it still had room!

I had two young girls to swap for and one of this rather girly girl 🙂 so when I saw this ladies skirt I had to grab and it make it into something for her! I just loved the material – crisp white heavy cotton with flowers in different coloured thread.

The skirt was from Jacquie E…


Then it became a skirt, head band and detail on a top set 🙂


One happy wee girl! ♥

The second girl swap was equally fun to do. Miss C is not overly girly as the above Miss B however her favourite colour (at the moment) is BLUE! I have had my eye on this tutorial in converting a shirt into a cleverly constructed and detailed  dress.

Shirt Dress

Bodice with vintage lace detail

Here are the three swaps before I wrapped them:

Waiting to be wrapped

So the fun began at crafty where we swapped the swaps around 🙂

Here are our swaps we received:


Felted jersey pot mitts/divets and a cool t-shirt necklace

Agee jars reused as herb pots (parsley, chives and mint) with engraved knives with their herb name. On our windowsill in the kitchen 🙂

Thanks S!!! ♥

Miss 6 got a new outfit which very much suits her! The material has blue sequins on some of the circles so has a bit of depth and fun to it. Thanks SJ! ♥

Miss 3’s swap was cool as well – reused wool blanket into a PJ cushion and hot water bottle cover 🙂

Miss 3 also got a colouring book and some pens 🙂 as she had recently broken her keg! Thanks J!! ♥

Got to love swaps like this….the next one is a Mother’s Day timed one so watch this space.


I am off to bed as Miss 9 months decided the day started at 5.30am. Yawn!




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