Hats for Ethan

Please support Ethan and his family as they fight leukemia by visiting their Facebook page:  CLICK HERE


I have made two soft warm hats for Ethan using the awesome Reid DK/Worsted Hat pattern by Shannon Passmore. I love the construction of the earflaps so mind blowingly simple and it saves having more ends to sew in and casting on more stitches and in general a mess!

For Ethan’s two hats I teamed up two 4ply yarns to make a 10ply.

The first hat was a soft baby white yarn and a self striping sock yarn – I called this one Courage.

Reid Hat for Ethan #1

Reid Hat for Ethan #1

The second hat I used the colour red as this is one of Ethan’s favourite colours and aptly called this one “Red for Ethan”

The red in this one is actually a very soft acrylic! I know! Shock horror. It is not often I knit with acrylic but teamed with another self striping sock yarn it just looked great.

Reid Hat #2

Reid Hat #2

Good news is I can custom knit this hat to sell as once you buy the pattern you can knit to sell from it. I plan to make a few hats and sell them to help raise some extra funds for Ethan’s family to help pay for the many incidentals that are incurred going to and from hospital and appointments.

Here are some other Reid hats I have knitted:

For a first birthday present.

For a first birthday present.

Reid Hat - child size for a Birthday Present

Reid Hat – child size for a Birthday Present


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