Princesses and Pirates!

I am partaking in my first showcase on facebook and it has been somewhat fun! My friend Julia who runs Booti Tutu has organised a showcase on her FB page in the theme of Princesses and Pirates. It is a way of show casing other creative people in face book land. It is amazing what other ladies have made in the theme.

Booti Tutu Princesses and Pirates Showcase

Booti Tutu Princesses and Pirates Showcase

I enjoyed making the items for this showcase. I had a huge 1kg skein of wool to divide up and then hand dye with some items in mind.

Primrose set collage

Princess Elizabeth Collage CORRECT

and then a wee Pirate contribution ♥

Pirate Monkey with logo and words

Gosh the milo took some work with adapting the chart to the number of stitches and then doing it upside down! It was made for a hat knitted bottom up but the Milo vest is knitted top down! Anyway I won! I got the skulls and crossbones chart from here.

Please check out the showcase offerings as there are some wonderful items available! The items are available from 7.30pm on Friday March 8th.

I am going to be doing some rainbow inspired items for another friend’s “Rainbow” Showcase in April…

jodulbug showcase

Keep an eye out!



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3 responses to “Princesses and Pirates!

  1. They look great Kate!

  2. very cool! – can’t wait to see the rainbow inspired ones 🙂

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