Butterflies & Bugs For Tara – fundraising for a special girl and her family.

2013 has been a hard one for some families I know. Cancer has hit them all and it sucks!

In January, Ethan who is 6 was diagnosed with  Pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) and is currently going through treatment. I initiated the Hats for Ethan fundraiser in May and that went really well. Follow Ethan’s progress over on facebook: Ethan’s Leukaemia Journey.

Early May, another friend of mine and her family learnt their middle daughter who is also six has an aggressive inoperable brain tumour. Man my heart aches for them. Tara is now fighting this tumour the best she can to extend her life and have some fun and memories with her family.

Tara aged six.

Tara aged six.

Hats for Ethan has launched into fundraising mode again with the support of Ethan’s and Tara’s family. On the weekend of the 9th – 11th of Augsut there will be another auction running. I would like to raise some funds to help Tara and her family out so they can spend time together, make memories, share cuddles and enjoy each other as this tumour is not great. 😦

Butterflies and Bugs for Tara Fundraising event.

Butterflies and Bugs for Tara Fundraising event.

You may note it says just butterflies 😆 however I have added in “bugs” to cover boy appeal. Tara adores butterflies so it was fitting to start there in her honour. If you could contribute an item butterfly in anyway – could be a button, fabric, pattern, embellishment please contact me at chevgirlknitting@gmail.com or via the Hats for Ethan page. I have set up a “Hats and Butterflies” group on face book as well for the contributors to load photo’s of their contributions. Please click “:join group” to request to join. 🙂

We have a few different businesses on board this time round as it is not just hats or head gear like the Hats for Ethan fundraising event in May. Please check out the businesses who are helping so far.

♥ Butterflies for Tara ♥

♥ Butterflies for Tara ♥


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