Our home turf.

Our area has been in a constant state of change since we moved here in 2010. Initially we had a mud track with shingle as a detour route to get into our area and then a security gate with a card. This was kinda cool and kinda annoying at the same time. Then the old road was back in use and then the land each side of the road was being prepped for house development.  Now when we drive out of here there is a funky cafe in an old air force building and a farmer’s market. This is great to wander around with the kids. So many people come and have a looksie on the weekends to the market. It is not so cool when we are wanting to get to point B in a hurry and then have to politely dawdle behind people enjoying their weekend excursion! Gah!!! People diving across the road with out looking. People driving while rubber necking as they go and then not indicating. Oh so fun >.< ….ok I am over that but hey it is just how it is living here.

There are loads of new houses in little two story blocks with little sections. My girls have often wondered where the kids would play that live in them but that is why they built the very cool playground. We call it the Big Playground. We have a little playground near us behind the tennis courts so use that if we feel less inclined for the walk. The big playground is one cool play ground. If I was a kid again it would be damn cool.

DD2 and I on the slide at the Little play ground.

DD2 and I on the slide at the Little play ground.

Hobsonville Point Park in 2010

Hobsonville Point Park in 2010

The park has more trees around it now and is very cool. It’s abuzz with families when the weather permits. My eldest goes to the newly opened school which is behind the park. It is very modern in it’s design and approach to learning. DD1 is loving being there and learning in this new way.

Recently the school had its official opening with PM John Key attending as he is also our electoral member of Parliament as well. The girls loved seeing him in person and I was lucky enough to get a photo of them with him. He was very personable and accommodating of the kids which I commend him on.

Makayla & Ariana with PM John Key.

Makayla & Ariana with PM John Key.

Check out this very cool video Ariana’s school have put together to give a glimpse of what the school ethic is like and how they encompass the staff, children and their envirnoment in learning and growing. I loved it when I first saw it. Ariana gets a kick out of seeing herself on it too. 🙂 Spot her at one minute in in pigtails. ♥

Hobsonville Point School

Makayla is leaving kindy soon and will be starting school with her big sister which is very exciting! A few more weeks to go and then I can share Makayla’s big 5th birthday.

Learning Common 1 has it’s own blog so have a looksie.


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