Polka Dot Party

Makayla turned FIVE at the start of August and is now happily learning at school. It is great seeing both girls trotting up the steps to school happy being together. Ariana is loving having her younger sister there with her. ♥

I thought I would share how her special 5th Birthday Party went. The start of the month actually seems so long ago. August has been so busy!

I thought a Polka Dot theme would be easy enough to do and would appease Miss Girly Pants as well. I collected things for the theme for a month or two before hand so that helped a lot!

Some favourite snap shots ta

Some favourite snap shots taken on the day.

After going to another friend’s girls 5th birthday party and seeing an awesome fairy called Taffy, I booked her in to come and help. Makayla was mega excited about Fairy Taffy coming. I can not recommend Taffy enough! She was just awesome to deal with leading up to the party and on the day gosh it was brilliant having her there. The children were mesmerized with her and lined up for a small face paint. She used a number system so the kid’s could play and come back when it was their turn. There were activities set up for children to jump in and play with.  Check her facebook page out.

Here are some of the face paint creations Taffy the Fairy did:

face painting



Now I had fun deciding what food to make! Pinterest was an awesome tool to collate ideas together. I made an album on there and went from there. Polka Dot Cake of course plus other round or dotty spotty inspired items….lolly cake, marshmallow treats, popcorn, cupcakes, rice crackles among some of the items. Jelly Ribbon slice was just cause I wanted an excuse to make it!  Honestly that was fun and easy to make! I will defiantly make it again as the wow factor is so cool.

Here is the recipe:

Ribbon Jelly Slice Recipe


Here is the Jelly Ribbon Slice that I made for the party:



I made cupcakes in a few different bright colours and they looked great on the spotty dotty cupcake stand I found at Spotlight.

party food


It was super fun! The cake was massive and we had three quarter’s of it left after the party had finished as each slice you could cut into four pieces! Hubby took a chunk to our neighbours and another chunk to his work. It slowly but surely disappeared.

Three more years to the little one turns five and 2 years til the biggest turn;s 10 so we can have a holiday from BIG birthday parties.




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3 responses to “Polka Dot Party

  1. Taffy the fairy

    This was a awesome party!!!!.Thank you for letting Fairy Taffy join in on Makayla’s special day :)I had a blast! one of the best cakes I have ever seen and I cannot wait to try out these Jellys (my twin nieces will love it).I feel very blessed to have meet such a lovely family 🙂 fairy wishes♡ Taffy

  2. Wowwee! awesome cake and loving the jelly too. Too cool.

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