Garden Makeover

While my hubby took the two big kid’s to the Auckland Zoo, my friend & I attacked my garden. The weeds were banished quick smart into heaps which Holly loved carting around “helping”. The big spade was used to aerate the soil and break it up to plant seeds.

The stink part was transporting some fresh compost to the garden from our compost bin. Oh lordy, did it honk! We mixed this in with the soil already there as it would have been too much for seeds. We added in some seed raising mix and planted some rows of baby carrots, lettuce and radish and planted the lavender bush into the garden.  The rectangle garden then had some flower seeds around the edge to help combat bugs attacking the vegetables.

garden collage

In some cut up milk bottle container’s we planted a range of vegetable’s and some more butterfly enticing flowers. Now the fun is watching these all grow!

In the butterfly part of the garden we moved one swan plant from last year to be closer to the other two.  Some butterfly enticing seeds were planted at the driveway end.  We planted some more butterfly flower seeds in some containers and I will plant them in this garden later on. Some of these seeds were so delicate. The butterfly seeds were from a packet from the Butterflies for Tara showcase in June.

Butterfly Flower Seed Mix

Butterfly Flower Seed Mix

I had a play with my new DSLR camera and captured these photo’s of flowers in our garden. The rose & lavender were my gift’s from Mother’s Day from the girl’s and the other flower’s are just natural (wild) flower’s around the section.

flowers collageIt was quite therapeutic to get outside and do this. It looks great now and the kid’s were super impressed when they came home. My friend and I will sort out the front of the house and get some sunflower’s growing out there.


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