Test Knitting 2014 so far….

I have done a few test knit’s for other designer’s so far this year with most of them being hats!

My first test knit was a top called Velma designed by Casey White. This is a sweet short sleeved top in a loose gauge so it grows fast on your needles. I made this for Ariana and she adores it.


My next test knit was a beautiful smooshy hat called “Aspiring” designed by Paula Henley from Koru Designs Aotearoa. It has a great stitch pattern in the body of the hat and a simple yet effective twist in the brim. I made this test kinit for Ariana and she loves it! Gosh I am lucky my 8 year old still tolerates her Mum’s knitting!


Next onto the needles was a hat called “Pollinator”  which is my friend Jo’s first foray into designing. Jo also hand dyes wool for sale as well as some other crafty items. Her business is called Meraki Studio NZ. This is a stunning cute design and Makayla was the lucky one to get this hat. The yarn I used was some I was gifted from Casey (who designed Velma above ^ ) and it suited the bee theme in colour and would suit Makayla.

The next test knit was for a new designer as well. Briony from Gradient has not one but TWO hat patterns in testing at the moment. I tested one of them called Fisherman’s Beach. It is a stunning hat that holds special significance to her in memory of her father. ♥ I love patterns that have a story or special meaning. This hat features a simple cable running up the length that is like the beach of waves and their are smaller wee waves with a clever stitch going around the body of the hat.

I gifted this hat to my cousin who raised a lot of money for Cancer Research by cutting her much loved dreads off. I hope her head is nice & warm now! The yarn I used for this project is hand dyed by Jo from Meraki Studio NZ who designed the Pollinator hat! We all tie in together nicely don’t we?!!!


** I have completed another test knit but I can’t share that one yet as it is top secret! I adore the pattern & my gradient hand dyeing I did for it but alas you all have to wait!


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  1. Stunning knits Kate and you have done an amazing job of blogging them ❤

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