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My name is Kate and I hail from a small North Canterbury town called Cheviot hence my name on here 🙂  I have lived in a few places including Wellington, Cheviot again,Central Plateau area of the North Island and Auckland. I am a stay at home Mum to three gorgeous girls called Ariana, Makayla & Holly. They keep me busy but I still manage to find some time to do some things I love like knitting, baking, gardening and occasionally sewing. I am always looking at new things to make as others are continually inspiring me. If I honest, knitting help’s me chill and focus. I need that after running around with the kids.

Mum taught me to knit when I was young but it was very basic and she was always there to fix a mistake and cast on for me! Since I had my first daughter I decided to try more knitting patterns out. I called Mum quite a bit to ask questions like how do I cast on, cast off and increase and decrease. She was able to do this over the phone and I was able to knit all sorts for Ariana. I am now into seamless patterns on circular needles and am going to give sock knitting a go too although this always gets put on the back burner! 🙂 I love www.ravelry.com something wicked – so many awesome patterns (lots are free) to be inspired from.

I have been doing custom knitting but to be honest it is hard work and I was loosing the love of it. I am wanting to be creative and not be told what to do!! I am now starting to design my own patterns which is totally exciting and a new challenge.

I am no expert but I am willing to give things a go and experiment. I hope this inspires you too to give some things you see a go as well. Thanks for looking. 🙂


My three girls ♥

My three girls ♥


3 responses to “About ChevGirl

  1. carmel

    hi kate.
    loving the little bits and pieces you are knitting… good on you! how do you find the time with two wee ones! Little Coco just sucks up all mine ….
    I would like to get a pair of your mums slippers… Coco is soon to come up 9 months – ? size etc… What do you suggest and how much – postage for overseas etc… I could get my sister Julie to send your mum the NZ money …. long story isnt it!
    Hope you and the family are well… great to have contact!
    I am wanting to do something creative too as a mum… so you are a inspiration! : )

  2. roy

    feel free to join us and show your lovely items, Roy from CraftMe

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