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But my kids like to hide in boxes!

A favourite book that was given to us for Makayla (DD2) is called ” My cat likes to hide in boxes” by Eve Sutton and Lynley Dodd. It is an awesome wee book.

Recently we visited hubby’s parents in beautiful Ohakune and my father in law had bought a brand spanking new BBQ but the catch was it needed to be put together first!

The men had this task and the kids then proceeded to have a blast playing with the left over big boxes on the lawn in the spring sun!

Kids are happy while the men are grumping over instructions

Fun times!

Cousin having fun too!

Making a slide from the box

It is some great to see children just play with something like this. A simple “rubbish” box proved to be hours of fun for the three kids and kept them out of their Dad’s and Granddad’s way while they nutted how how to put the BBQ together.


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My big girl is 5 and off to school tomorrow!

Time sure can fly!

It seems not long ago she was born and made me a Mum 🙂


So many moons ago with my new baby girl



Snuggles at bath time


Now Ariana is a vibrant young girl…


On her 5th birthday



Last day at kindy



Birthday cake time


Here is the birthday cake Ariana and I came up with 😆


Barbie and her "small" pool - her legs are too long to fit in and it wasn't a small cake!

Sweet treats

Fairy bread

More nibbles



Bouncy castle fun!


It was a fab day yesterday with many family and friends. Thanks to those who came! I am now quite exhausted today and I am thankful it will be a quiet day. It will be early to bed and up ready for her first day of school tomorrow!

Wish us luck there aren’t many tears (happy ones)! 🙂


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Home made peanut butter

Have you done this? Well my eldest girl has done this twice now with her Grandmother when we visit. Ariana is a peanut butter fiend! She loves it each day especially with honey on toast or in a sandwich.

We visited hubby’s parents and they had no peanut butter! Oh no! But Grandma had a brilliant idea of making some herself and Ariana thought that would be fun!

Grandma found a bulk bag or roasted peanuts and then washed 3/4 of the batch worth to get rid of excess salt and then dried them on their wood oven (brilliant oven!!). Grandma then used her mincing machine and mooshed the peanuts into butter spread.

Peanut Butter goodness

And here is the finished product. A nice big jar of peanut butter that is just simply peanuts and a splash of oil to make it spreadable.


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Blogtober I am so sorry

Life has truly done a number on me this month. I think of all months of the year October is pretty full on in our household! So I must apologise. It has proved to be impossible to catch up amongst trips away, weddings, birthdays and my oldest now starting school. Just a little bit on ah?  😆

My now 5 year old and myself at her last day at kindy.

I will do some more posts soon….

Apologies once again.

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Craft 2.0 is coming!

I was very much relieved to package up my goodies to pass on to Julia for this weekend’s Craft 2.0 event where us gals at Coco Kids are having our first ever stall!

Here are some sneak peek photos from me….

Come and check us out. Ali & Julia will be there with big smiles on the first floor 🙂 Say that Kate sent you 😉


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#21 Blogtober: Chocolate Brownie!

Ok I confess I adore chocolate but I also adore a quick fail safe recipe as well. Here is one of those that is tried and tested. I was part of a recipe/food swap last year and I was send some chocolate brownie and some cute wee silicone bake ware to make more plus the important recipe. It was a neat swap. I think I even posted on my blog about it…..

Anyway it is a quick mircowave Chocolate Brownie recipe. It was quick to make and then quick to cook.





The ingrediants



The method


It looks great in the heart shape baking thingee my sister in law gave me for my birthday dosen’t it? My big girl must have thought so as I discovered that the end point was grabbed and part of the brownie eaten! Let’s just say I wasn’t very happy with her! :-/ Sooo instead of leaving it all and dusting with icing sugar as planned I had to cut it up. I did have a wee piece to try and OMG it is delicious!!!!


All cut up.


Thanks Mel – brilliant recipe!

NOTE: I added some chopped up chunks of chocolate buttons as well.



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#20 Blogtober: I love loaves

especially this very yummy recipe….I cut it out of a “Littles” magazine a few years ago and I finally got around to making it a few months back. It is Apricot & Banana Loaf by Garth Hokianga and I really recommend you try it out!

Filled with small dried apricot nuggets, this moist banana loaf makes a good breakfast loaf and is impossible to eat only one slice. You can change the dried apricots for blueberries, fresh mango, chopped up fresh strawberries, canned peaches or toasted pecan nuts.

Apricot Banana Loaf

It honestly looks better in real life! I chopped up some almonds in a whizz and scattered them on top but you could add them into the mixture. One other time I made it I popped in some dried cranberrys.


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