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Annie Gray – my first pattern

A few months ago I had a knitting design pop into my head while on school holidays. I saw a little girls hip wee top and thought that would be cool to replicate into a knitting pattern. Well, that idea sat bouncing around in my head while I rushed other test knits and projects. I sat down eventually and nutted things out and then another idea worked it’s way out onto paper. Annie Gray is the babydoll/singlet top that is now a reality and is in the process of being test knitted by a  group of knitter’s to iron out kinks and make it an easy to read pattern with a great result. It is a nerve wracking time!

Here is a sneak peak of Annie Gray:

Annie Gray test collageRight, off I go to knit another sample for Makayla. Be back later.





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Craft 2.0 – 23rd April

Last weekend I flew down to Wellington and helped my Coco Kids gals at our second Craft 2.0 stall. It was one busy weekend and one busy day!

 Craft 2.0 is a cult Wellington craft fair for style junkies, craft enthusiasts and all fans of handmade. A favourite on the Wellington arts calendar; Craft 2.0 runs four times a year at The Dowse Art Museum, attracting a wide following of quality stall holders and eager shoppers alike.

The three of us had been busy knitting when we could amongst our 9 children and life in general. We all had our own challenges but got some beautiful items together for the big day.

Our Coco Kids Stall at Craft 2.0 April 2011

It’s always lovely to hear and see people commenting on your creations. Sometimes you make something and you think hmmmm not sure if I like it now! Then you find that someone just adores it and buys it! 🙂 I managed to knit and chat for a bit of the time there too.

Julia, Ali & myself at Craft 2.0

It was a busy weekend and once i got home to Auckland and stopped moving I felt so shattered! However I did finish a cardigan for little baby on the way that I started on Thursday night before I flew down. I’ll show this cute wee creation in a new post of the wee baby knits.


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Off to Craft 2.0

Excited! I am flying down to Wellington to partake in Craft 2.0 even tomorrow as Coco Kids have a stall for the second time. We have all been busy amongst the busy-ness of our family lives.

20 items

Here is a funny photo that just looks bizarre! I am taking my daughters doll to demo some of the items…here she is in my suitcase. It just looks wrong!

Baby in a bag

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Breezy Skirt in Action!

I thought I better upload some photos of Miss 5 wearing the skirt:


Pretty isn’t it! At least I know at least there is another girl to wear it when Miss 5 grows out of it!

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Breezy Summer Skirt

On Thursday last week I started a project for my eldest girl. It is the Breezy Summer Skirt by Elena Nodel. This pattern has been in my Ravelry queue for some time. Miss A loves girly items and a twirly skirt fits the bill. 🙂 She was so happy I was knitting something for her.  I used some magicline self striping cotton I had in stash as I thought the family of colours would suit the pattern OK and not drown or hide lace features. I was right it looks fab as a finished item! 🙂

Breezy Summer Skirt

It is a top down knit in the round. The waistband is started on a provisional cast on so you catch the let go stitches and make a casing for elastic to thread through. There is an A line feature with purl stitches and then the main lace section. From there it flares out with regular increases and then finishes off with a little lace.

I did a different hem as I fiddled with the one in the pattern and wasn’t liking it…so tried this one and it worked well although took a while to cast off with 232 stitches! 😆

Lace hem

Showing the fullness of the skirt

I am yet to get photos of the skirt on Miss A as she spent most of the day in togs next door. She loves the skirt so all is good.  It measures 36cm from top to bottom to give you an idea and I did the 3 – 5 year size as Missy is rather little around the middle. The pattern can be tweaked to make it longer or shorter as well.



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Handmade Christmas Presents

I can now show the handmade presents I had put together for my nieces and nephew.

Fabric Kaia Babydoll for two nieces with fabric flowers

3rd Fabric Kaia for another niece

Magicline and BWM cotton for the top with picot cast off for shoulders.

Fratello top in size 3 for nephew. Unfortunately it's too short so will have to undo and more length.

Sleeves with wee cables

The real colour is a dark green called “Holly” from The Wool Company, NZ.


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Spring Garden Tee

I have knitted this wee beauty the last two days for a secret santa even my sister in law organised amongst their friends and included us.

I decided to knit this pattern “Spring Garden Tee” that Tiny Lovely gifted me in the summer yarn swap Rainbow Child organised recently.

I had a wee 12 month old girl to make this for and had the perfect yarn waiting – Denim blue in Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton.

Spring Garden Tee in Denim
Lace detail on wee sleeve
I added the lace to the hem – love it!


I am going to make more of these as the sizing is massive – from  3 months to 14 years! I would do the sleeves differently though. I would cast them off in purl stitch and not put them on waste yarn as pattern said as you go back and only do one round of purl. Also when you go back to the sleeve finish it doesn’t mention about picking up some stitches under the armpit (Had cast on 6 extra stitches for the body) as otherwise there is a gap. Odd but all good. I like the pattern ad can deal with that 🙂 I did think adding the lace pattern to the bottom of the top looks more balanced. It is a beautiful easy to remember lace pattern and I love the wave effect it creates especially when you cast off.

I did the sewn cast off for the neck to make sure it will go over the head OK but it looks a touch gapey. The other cast offs I used a bigger needle and did it loosely.

Right, it is teaming down with drought breaking rain and the kids are asleep so will get the sewing machine out for some sewing fun. 🙂



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