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Christmas Crafting Round Up! (Part 1)

It is now January 2012 – how the heck did that happen?? Holly is now 6 and a half months (shock horror) and my big Girl is waiting to go back to school in Year 2! Miss 3 is also hanging out for kindy to start on the 23rd (shhh so am I!!!) 😆

December was fairly busy on the creating & crafting front so here goes a big catch up post for you. 🙂

I was involved in two Secret Santa swaps one with my Crafty Group and an online forum of like minded Mums.


I will split this lot up as there is lots to get through 🙂


Crafty Secret Santa involved me putting together four gifts so the girls and I get a gift back…

The Mummy gift:

Japanese Knot WIP bag, lavender wheat bag and crochet flower necklace

The crochet necklace was easy enough to do.

Child gift #1

Miss L who is 4yo. I made her a Shirt Dress and a circle skirt.

Circle skit & shirt dress

With the shirt I left the pocket on and then cut it into a an “L” which Miss L loves ♥ I did some contrast stitching down the shirt opening and around the L for bit of a funky effect. I also decided against the middle elastic as I thought it would fit best as it was. Fingers crossed I am right!


Child gift #2

This was a challenge but I got there. Mstr 9yo is a tough customer so I had asked him Mum for some help and she mentioned he is into wizards at the moment. I came across a wizard wand tutorial and thought it was possible he may like it & possible I could make it LOL. His Mum gave the nod and that settled that.

It was fun to make and Miss 6yo made a fairy wand at the same time as me.

Wizard Wand

Child gift #3:

This one is for a sweet 1yr old girl. I decided to make her a reversible smocket with one side having a hand painted babushka doll on it.

Reversible smocket.

I was pretty chuffed with myself after all of this…

I would also like to share some of what the girls and I got.

Holly got this fabulous crochet bird wall hanging

Ariana got a “Castle Building Kit” which she wanted to set up right there and then!! The next day we set it up although her Dad’s method was a lot nicer and better. Got to love the Army training for castle building LOL

Miss 3 got a wee bag with Littlest Pet Shop set in it. She has been playing with it lots….

I got some very funky bright yarn in pinks and greens.

It was a fab swap and day of getting together to exchange the pressies.



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Craft 2.0 – 23rd April

Last weekend I flew down to Wellington and helped my Coco Kids gals at our second Craft 2.0 stall. It was one busy weekend and one busy day!

 Craft 2.0 is a cult Wellington craft fair for style junkies, craft enthusiasts and all fans of handmade. A favourite on the Wellington arts calendar; Craft 2.0 runs four times a year at The Dowse Art Museum, attracting a wide following of quality stall holders and eager shoppers alike.

The three of us had been busy knitting when we could amongst our 9 children and life in general. We all had our own challenges but got some beautiful items together for the big day.

Our Coco Kids Stall at Craft 2.0 April 2011

It’s always lovely to hear and see people commenting on your creations. Sometimes you make something and you think hmmmm not sure if I like it now! Then you find that someone just adores it and buys it! 🙂 I managed to knit and chat for a bit of the time there too.

Julia, Ali & myself at Craft 2.0

It was a busy weekend and once i got home to Auckland and stopped moving I felt so shattered! However I did finish a cardigan for little baby on the way that I started on Thursday night before I flew down. I’ll show this cute wee creation in a new post of the wee baby knits.


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We are expecting…

another wee girl into our family! We had the 20 week scan two weeks ago. It was awesome seeing a happy healthy wee girl moving around. Sure we would have loved a wee boy but we can’t pick and choose and honestly we are happy with another girl. 🙂

Baby girl #3 @ 20 week scan.

I have been thinking of knitting projects for baby as she will be a true winter babe. I have started a crochet blanket in unisex colours and have done 1/4 of it so far.  It is the Baby Blocks Throw Blanket and here are some on the blocks so far…

I have bought some yummy pink wool to make a baby blanket in this pattern: Baby Chalice Blanket.

I am going through the girls old baby stuff and sorting out the really old, worn, stained things as a majority of items have been through at least 2 kids as some were hand-me-downs for DD1 5 years ago! 😆 It is like memory lane going through it all.

Once I finish off my current custom order knit I will get back into these projects. FUN!


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Craft 2.0 is coming!

I was very much relieved to package up my goodies to pass on to Julia for this weekend’s Craft 2.0 event where us gals at Coco Kids are having our first ever stall!

Here are some sneak peek photos from me….

Come and check us out. Ali & Julia will be there with big smiles on the first floor 🙂 Say that Kate sent you 😉


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Finished items from the needles!

I have been busy I promise! I have been making some items for Craft 2.0 as us Coco Kids gals are having a stall there. I will be there in spirit as we have a very important 5th birthday to celebrate in my family! Exciting!!!!

Elizabeth Tunic size 6 - 12 months with flower embellishment

Crocheted flower with button

Milo vest with Owl Cable

Rainbow Dress size 12 months

I have also finished a bloom dress (medium) in raspberry for an order (nned to add white ribbon).

bloom (designed by tiKKi)


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Been so busy

that I haven’t updated here in a while! Gosh! 🙂

I’ll post some photos and add the story of August as I go….

This is a test knit for tiKKi’s new pattern which she is releasing in September. It is called Cassia and is a fab wee dress/tunic for girls to wear. The sizing is from NB to age 12. It is a sister pattern of her recent Olearia pattern. I knitted this in Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 8ply in the colour Damask Rose. I used 243g for this test knit in size 3.  Ariana just adores it!!!

From this to.....

to this!


Back view with gorgeous buttons.

I have also knitted some baby gifts…

Baby T vest size 6-9 months

Link to the Baby T Vest on Ravelry HERE

Paxton Cardigan - size NB (Buttons yet to be sewn on)

Link to the Paxton pattern on Ravelry HERE

Custom Order - size 2 Kaia Babydoll top woth crochet tie & flower

The Kaia on Miss M prior to flower being added.

I must confess I am in love with this fab new hat pattern by my friend Sheryl from Shortly Stitches. It called Benji and is simple and stunning while being a great project for stash busting! The colour work is the first I have done and it was fun once I got my groove on. The little “v” stitches look like hearts as well.  I knitted one for Miss 2 in the toddler size (it is a multi sized pattern from NB, baby, toddler, child, ladies , mens and large mens) and it fits well on Miss A who is almost five (small headed child!).

Beautiful Benji

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I am a beginner Hooker ;-)

In the last few weeks I have taken up crochet! Gosh it is FUN! It is a quick craft and you see something done very quickly although it uses lots more yarn than knitting would.

I started off making flowers and have done a hat for Miss almost 2.

"Shabby Hat" in Watermelon

My niece wearing the hat prior to finishing.

Slightly bigger version of the "Shabby Hat" using my hand dyed wool.

Scrap blanket for Polly our new kitten

Up close of the colours

Crochet flower to embellish a custom order Milo vest

Milo vest with crochet flower.

It has been great learning a new skill in fact it is rather addictive! I have a few projects lined up to try out when I have a spare moment in between knitting projects.


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