~~ Looking Glass Longies ~~


Medium LGL on my 15 month old

Looking Glass Longies designed by Kelly Brooker, are knit with no seams nor grafting, while still featuring a roomy crotch gusset and ribbed panels on the side to ensure a good fit. These are fabulous for those cold days when children need more woollen layers, or just for wearing anywhere! These are also great to use as snuggly pyjama pants and the extra rows in the back allow room for cloth bottomed children overnight.


Medium Looking Glass Longies in 8ply

Large Looking Glass Longies (8ply) in mangrove & avocado trim.

The longies are available in five sizes from New borm to  to extra large, and is available in three weight yarns: DK(8ply), Aran(10ply), and Bulky(12ply). The longies can be knitted as shorties for summer play as well.


Newborn  & Small $35

Medium  & Large – $45 

Extra Large – $50

Email me at chevgirlknitting@gmail.com to order one.


Side on view of longies in action


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