~~ The March Sisters Pinafores ~~

This is a wonderful series of patterns that I am able to custom knit for you, again designed and developed by Kelly Brooker.

Amy & Jo Pinafores size 2

The March Sisters is a series of Pinafores inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women, which tells the tale of the four March Sisters transformations from girls to beautiful women.

The four patterns are similar (like sisters), however each pinafore exhibits subtle differences from one another.

Also available is ‘Pinny for a Dolly’. Little women love to wear pinafores, and adore it when their dolly wears something to match!

The Pinny for a Dolly designs knit below are similar versions of the March Sisters.

Sizes range from NB – five years.

The designs are:

Beth is a pinafore for the quiet girl in your family; the ‘close to mama’, non-demanding daughter whom is content with plain, but cherishes a wee hint of lace and pretty.

Jo is a pinafore for the tomboy; a simple, non-girly pinafore perfect for throwing over a long tee and pair of jeans, ready to jump around in the muck!

"Jo" pinafore size 4 years

Meg A pinafore exhibiting a clean silhouette accented with simple cable detailing. This gives the pinafore a timeless, classic feel – perfect for the little miss who desperately wants to be ‘grown up’

Amy A pinafore for the girly girl in your life; the girl that loves to spin, twirl, and feel pretty. The little girl version has 3 layers of frills (the dolly version just has the simpler one layer).

"Amy" Size 3 years

Amy Pinafore in action

Please contact me if you’d like to order a March Sisters Dress in ‘Little Women’ sizing (newborn-5 years) or a Pinny for a Dolly.

Email me at chevgirlknitting@gmail.com to order one.

Prices are still to be confirmed as each dress uses a different amount of yarn (Amy versus Jo for example) as well as it being dependent upon the yarn used and size knitted.

Pinny for a Dolly (on a teddy)

Pinny’s for a Dolly start at $20.

"Beth" version in Pinny for a Dolly


One response to “~~ The March Sisters Pinafores ~~

  1. karen

    you used to have a free PDF file to download for the Beth version of Pinny for Dolly. Is this still available, if so, please tell me how to do so. Thank you and Happy New Year.

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