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AMH – A Mother’s Heart

Oh I am slack! Last month I released my third pattern called AMH – A Mother’s Heart.

This is a fab one size cowl that can be worn a few ways. Buttoned or unbuttoned like a scarf. It can be as one long loop or doubled for Mum or tripled for your daughter or son. The stitch pattern is just a combination of knit & purl stitches & is reversible.

I have named this after my daughter’s and the reasons I love being a Mum and their Mum! AMH is A Mother’s Heart or their initials – Ariana, Makayla & Holly.

AMH collage

AMH is worked flat and has a button closure as a feature. I often wrap mine around twice and then button it up once I have it sitting well. Ariana happily sneaks off with it and wears it which is quite sweet. The wool I used in my prototype is so soft and snuggly. There is a little story behind this wool too. When Holly was itti bitti new born I was gifted a beautiful baby set made from this wool. Another lady had made this set for her new baby daughter which you can see at this link. The wool is Evoke “Melody” which is alpaca, bamboo and merino! This beautiful wool has been used for two gorgeous babies and now as a cowl for myself (and Ariana!).

Holly at a few weeks old in her romper suit ♥

Holly at a few weeks old in her romper suit ♥

Here is Ariana wearing my AMH:




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Taylor Swift – RED Tour.

We were so lucky to get some free ticket’s to see Taylor Swift in concert on the 1st of December. Taylor Swift had kindly gifted alot of tickets to members of the NZDF and families. How awesome is she?!

Many names were entered into a ballot and with tonnes of luck our family was one of the lucky ones. My husband & I decided to keep the news to ourselves to surprise them. I think that Ariana would have worn herself out in anticipation anyway.

Very excited girls!! Outside Vector Arena, not long after we told them where we were going.

Very excited girls!! Outside Vector Arena, not long after we told them where we were going.

The show was amazing! Lots to look at with all the dancer’s on stage and screens. Taylor did a great job going around the crowd and making herself as close as she can to the 12, 000 people there to see her.

The girls and I.

The girls and I.

At our special ticket pick up point, the girls were able to write a special message to Taylor Swift to say thanks!

Ariana writing a message to Taylor Swift.

Ariana writing a message to Taylor Swift.



Some photos of the concert.


Girls with Dad.

Girls with Dad.






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Recent Test Knitting

I have been busy test knitting a few patterns and some more than once!

In September, I test knitted a new pattern by Julia from Just One W.I.P. called Marji.

A cute modern cropped cardigan, featuring a textured garter stitch pattern.

* Perfect for layering all year long.
* Easy enough for a beginner knitter.
* Uses small amounts of yarn.
* Quick enough to knit for a last minute gift.

Go on and get yourself a copy of the pattern:

Marji on Makayla

Marji on Makayla

I really love this photo of Makayla. Happy and showing her fun personality.

I really love this photo of Makayla. Happy and showing her fun personality.

Another test I have done recently is a new pattern just released yesterday and the first installment in a series of pattern’s based on the Von Trapp sisters from The Sound of Music. The pattern is called “Gretl” after the youngest of the family and sisters. It is a sweet shrug with a smocking stitch detail at the back and bell ruffle. I made one for Ariana first and then thought Holly would love one as she has grown out of her other shrugs. So then HAD to make another for middle sister Makayla! I love Makayla’s one especially as the smocking stitch looks fab in sparkle yarn.

Ariana’s Gretl took 101g

Gretl Ariana collage

Holly’s Gretl used 53g of hand dyed yarn

Holly Gretl Collage

Then I made Makayla one in sparkle yarn – 83g

Makayla Gretl collage


And then I cast on another! This one will be a Christmas Gift to a certain 3 yo niece.

Red gretl collage


It is a quick item to knit as it is knit in a loose gauge. These one’s were on a 6mm  & 4.5mm needle using DK/8ply.

Go and check both of these patterns out!

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School Holiday Fun

School term is back (YAH!) and the last one for the year. The school holidays speed by with lots of fun and family times.

We had my nephews Christening ♥ and then in the first week the kid’s found the sprinkler and they had a blast on the lawn.

sprinkler fun


We went to movies and the girls went to the Zoo and then we visited my husband’s parents in Central North Island. Beautiful place!

ohakune collage


One morning the two big girls and Dean went for a ride on horses and a play at the play ground. The girls picked flower’s for Grandma from her garden and they helped Granddad get the free range chooks into their coop and feed them.

Holiday collage

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Recently I entered a competition on Buttons by Benji blog and I WON! Yippee!

I won the chance to design my own buttons and then have them. I designed them around a test knit I have just finished knitting called La Petite. Dusky pink and grey stripes in uneven stripes like the jersey.

My Vintage Haze buttons on the La Petite knit top.

My Vintage Haze buttons on the La Petite knit top.

Here are some more photo’s of the La Petite which is yet to be released.

Ariana in her new top.

Ariana in her new top.

I also won $20 credit to spend on more buttons. I chose these wee beauties.

buttons collage


Check out more new buttons on Buttons by Benji.

Kate XXX


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Polka Dot Party

Makayla turned FIVE at the start of August and is now happily learning at school. It is great seeing both girls trotting up the steps to school happy being together. Ariana is loving having her younger sister there with her. ♥

I thought I would share how her special 5th Birthday Party went. The start of the month actually seems so long ago. August has been so busy!

I thought a Polka Dot theme would be easy enough to do and would appease Miss Girly Pants as well. I collected things for the theme for a month or two before hand so that helped a lot!

Some favourite snap shots ta

Some favourite snap shots taken on the day.

After going to another friend’s girls 5th birthday party and seeing an awesome fairy called Taffy, I booked her in to come and help. Makayla was mega excited about Fairy Taffy coming. I can not recommend Taffy enough! She was just awesome to deal with leading up to the party and on the day gosh it was brilliant having her there. The children were mesmerized with her and lined up for a small face paint. She used a number system so the kid’s could play and come back when it was their turn. There were activities set up for children to jump in and play with.  Check her facebook page out.

Here are some of the face paint creations Taffy the Fairy did:

face painting



Now I had fun deciding what food to make! Pinterest was an awesome tool to collate ideas together. I made an album on there and went from there. Polka Dot Cake of course plus other round or dotty spotty inspired items….lolly cake, marshmallow treats, popcorn, cupcakes, rice crackles among some of the items. Jelly Ribbon slice was just cause I wanted an excuse to make it!  Honestly that was fun and easy to make! I will defiantly make it again as the wow factor is so cool.

Here is the recipe:

Ribbon Jelly Slice Recipe


Here is the Jelly Ribbon Slice that I made for the party:



I made cupcakes in a few different bright colours and they looked great on the spotty dotty cupcake stand I found at Spotlight.

party food


It was super fun! The cake was massive and we had three quarter’s of it left after the party had finished as each slice you could cut into four pieces! Hubby took a chunk to our neighbours and another chunk to his work. It slowly but surely disappeared.

Three more years to the little one turns five and 2 years til the biggest turn;s 10 so we can have a holiday from BIG birthday parties.



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Our home turf.

Our area has been in a constant state of change since we moved here in 2010. Initially we had a mud track with shingle as a detour route to get into our area and then a security gate with a card. This was kinda cool and kinda annoying at the same time. Then the old road was back in use and then the land each side of the road was being prepped for house development.  Now when we drive out of here there is a funky cafe in an old air force building and a farmer’s market. This is great to wander around with the kids. So many people come and have a looksie on the weekends to the market. It is not so cool when we are wanting to get to point B in a hurry and then have to politely dawdle behind people enjoying their weekend excursion! Gah!!! People diving across the road with out looking. People driving while rubber necking as they go and then not indicating. Oh so fun >.< ….ok I am over that but hey it is just how it is living here.

There are loads of new houses in little two story blocks with little sections. My girls have often wondered where the kids would play that live in them but that is why they built the very cool playground. We call it the Big Playground. We have a little playground near us behind the tennis courts so use that if we feel less inclined for the walk. The big playground is one cool play ground. If I was a kid again it would be damn cool.

DD2 and I on the slide at the Little play ground.

DD2 and I on the slide at the Little play ground.

Hobsonville Point Park in 2010

Hobsonville Point Park in 2010

The park has more trees around it now and is very cool. It’s abuzz with families when the weather permits. My eldest goes to the newly opened school which is behind the park. It is very modern in it’s design and approach to learning. DD1 is loving being there and learning in this new way.

Recently the school had its official opening with PM John Key attending as he is also our electoral member of Parliament as well. The girls loved seeing him in person and I was lucky enough to get a photo of them with him. He was very personable and accommodating of the kids which I commend him on.

Makayla & Ariana with PM John Key.

Makayla & Ariana with PM John Key.

Check out this very cool video Ariana’s school have put together to give a glimpse of what the school ethic is like and how they encompass the staff, children and their envirnoment in learning and growing. I loved it when I first saw it. Ariana gets a kick out of seeing herself on it too. 🙂 Spot her at one minute in in pigtails. ♥

Hobsonville Point School

Makayla is leaving kindy soon and will be starting school with her big sister which is very exciting! A few more weeks to go and then I can share Makayla’s big 5th birthday.

Learning Common 1 has it’s own blog so have a looksie.

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