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Off to Craft 2.0

Excited! I am flying down to Wellington to partake in Craft 2.0 even tomorrow as Coco Kids have a stall for the second time. We have all been busy amongst the busy-ness of our family lives.

20 items

Here is a funny photo that just looks bizarre! I am taking my daughters doll to demo some of the items…here she is in my suitcase. It just looks wrong!

Baby in a bag


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Craft 2.0 is coming!

I was very much relieved to package up my goodies to pass on to Julia for this weekend’s Craft 2.0 event where us gals at Coco Kids are having our first ever stall!

Here are some sneak peek photos from me….

Come and check us out. Ali & Julia will be there with big smiles on the first floor 🙂 Say that Kate sent you 😉


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Wee baby set

I can finally reveal a project I have been doing for my friends first wee babe who came 9 weeks early. Master J should be cute as a button in this and warm!

The set started with NB Looking Glass Longies which I do also custom knit. It was fun to knit such a small pair. I finished it off with a crochet cord tie.

NB Looking Glass Longies

and then I knitted the Pebble vest for the first time. This free pattern has been in my Ravelry queue for ages so I am glad I have finally knitted and tried it out! 🙂 I found some neat buttons at Mum’s that suited it just right. It has a buttoned shoulder and side seam to pop on baby easily.

Pebble Vest

I then finished the set off with this wee hat. It is the Cabled Premmie Hat on Ravelry. It was a quick knit and should look super on a wee babe.  I would be tempted to increase the sizing of it for an older baby….

Modeled on a doll

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New arrival!

New niece has to be decked out styley!

I am so pleased to announce my youngest brother N and his wife J had their long awaited second baby arrive on Monday the 1st of March. Another wee girl into our family. Bless. Her name is so beautiful and I am sure it suits her to a tee as well. I can’t wait till we move to Auckland to have cuddles with her and her big sister S and of course my brother and his wife J!!! 🙂

I say long awaited arrival as poor J had been in a stuck labour phase for almost 2 weeks so we were waiting for the babe to come. J’s health is great this time around which has been fab for her to enjoy this special babymoon time.

While J was going through endless nights of false starts I quickly whipped up a wee set for bubs. I can now finally reveal it as they got the parcel the day after she was born and I didn’t want to ruin the surpirse!

I made a cute 3 month sized Milo vest and small Looking Glass Longies (both are custom knits I do). I used some lovely hand dyed yarn I received in a TNN swap.

Baby Milo with contrast stripes and a leaf lace pattern on the front.


Close up of leaf lace

Small Looking Glass Longies

Together as a set:

So pretty!


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Sneak peek

This is hopefully a cryptic enough photo of my wee knitted set I have made for my soon to be born niece or nephew.

I love the stripes and colourway and it should suit either gender. C’mon baby your Mummy & Daddy want to met you as do the rest of your extended family!

New baby set

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In the Green

Here are some Looking Glass Longies longies I have just finished for a lady’s wee boy down South. I did them in the large size as he is quite tall for his age so they should fit him for a while.

I did them in The Wool Company’s DK variagted Mangrove and plain avocado for the waist & leg hems.

Large 8ply Looking Glass Longies

Top of the longies

Colours up close

Modelled on my 18 month girl.

From the front - excuse the PJ top and dummy. Notice her beloved Giraffy.

Side view - shows the clever ribbing on the hips for ease of fit.


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